About Us

It was in 1985 some people from different locations of the world as you may call different countries of the world , came together in USA to form a loose relationship in respect to environmental protection. After reading and listening to environmental experts especially Algore the former American Vice President, they encouraged each other to go back to their different locations in the world to build up this club by enrolling people, groups, governments and its bodies to achieve the aims and objectives of the club.

Since 1992 we have tightened the loose relationship and we are the largest and most influential grassroots environmental organization in the world without much noise. In our governing structure each location or country has its president with its approved structure from the president general, whose office manages the general affairs of the club. if you are interested in joining your location or country email us your name, address, phone number, email to worldcitizensenvironmentalclub@gmail.com to know if your country or location is still available and other necessary details.

Corporation number : 1969086

Business number: 723507091